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How Do I Know God Loves Me?

Conscious Parenting — Spiritual Parenting

Why this book is for your child

Kids today are bombarded with negative speech and inappropriate images from peers, bullies, television and social media. This book provides your child comfort, confidence, encouragement and coping skills. It reinforces your efforts to raise strong, happy, children who love and respect God, themselves, each other and the world in which they live. Children should understand that God has gifted them with uniqueness, strength, and an amazing amount of potential.

Children’s Comments

The book makes me feel good.

Looking at the moon makes me smile now.

I feel strong.

So that’s why he’s a bully!

Now God feels real to me.

. . . And speaks directly to them

“How Do I Know God  Loves Me?” speaks directly to the child and answers the questions already on his or her mind; questions such as, Why am I here?, Do I have a purpose?, How can I make God smile?, Why are some kids so mean?

A child’s self-esteem and happiness soar after reading this book.